Emoji My Life Stickers/Film are removable time and time again. Your Emoji Stickers are designed to endure harsh environments and for best results gently lift the material for prolonged lifespan and usability. 




Air Tight Technology allows for reuse time and time again as they are durable and are unlike no other product on the market. Applying them to Clean Surfaces will ensure long-term use without having to rinse off debris from the back of the sticker. YOU WILL NOT FIND ANOTHER EMOJI STICKER LIKE THIS ANYWHERE!




Our emojis are lightly rinsable when run under water. SO, if your emoji sticker collects any debris, you can “LIGHTLY” rinse the back by gently rubbing your fingers along the air tight backings. DO NOT RUB AGGRESSIVELY or you can remove the reusable feature. Emojis will be restored to original usability. When lightly rinsed it cleans and removes debris allowing them to adhere to surfaces again.




The best way to store your emojis is to stick them to each other with the back of the material to an emoji facing, so stacking them over each other. The emojis will adhere to its same material for quick and easy storage.

Below Freezing Temperature Durability!

 Emoji My Life Stickers are "So Durable" That You Can Cruise Through a Car Wash!! 

 DO NOT digest or Block Vision in any motor vehicle. Emoji My Life is not liable for any occurrences of this. Emoji My Life will not be held legally or financially responsible for any issue, concern or reasons and or in occurrences of negligence or irresponsible uses. Emoji My Life is not responsible for messages or content created using our products. Use Emoji My Life Products at your own risk.